"It's Easy To Start Eating Vegan" by Rebecca Gilbert

"It's Easy To Start Eating Vegan" by Rebecca Gilbert

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Rebecca Gilbert’s uber-helpful book “It’s Easy to Start Eating Vegan” is a slim volume packed with tips to help you get started and a collection of easy, delicious recipes. It’s a must-own for anyone moving in a plant-based direction and the perfect gift to help friends and family easily make the switch.

Rebecca has crafted a useful, simple, step-by-step plan to a more healthful diet. The book offers practical tips including easy egg and dairy substitutions, ideas to stock your vegan pantry, plant-based protein sources, tips for navigating social situations, sample meal plans, and tasty, easy-to-make basic recipes. 

Paperback. Published by Montara Media.

ISBN-10: 0990395707

ISBN-13: 978-0990395706